Tip #123: The Points to Surface Command

By Erin Johnson posted 09-11-2020 07:57


Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to compare topo shots to an original ground surface model? Or have you needed to measure the clearance from the top of a tunnel or bottom of bridge steel to the road surface? Well, today I will be demonstrating the Points to Surface command. The Points to Surface command simply measures the difference in elevation from one or more points to a surface.


To utilize the Points to Surface command, follow these steps:


1. Navigate to the Surfaces ribbon, and select Points to Surface under View:


2. Click in the From field and then use a graphic view or the Project Explorer to select one or more points you want to measure:


3. In the To field, select the surface to which you want to measure:


4. Click theApply button at the bottom of the command pane.


Measurement information, including the delta elevation (distance from point to surface), is displayed in the Report Delta Elevations table for each selected point. Note that you can click any column header in the table to resort the rows in the table based on ascending or descending values in the column. If you make additional measurements, they are added to the table, which is cleared only when you close the Points to Surface command pane.

5. To view the measurement information in a Points to Surface Results report, select in the table the rows you want to include, or select no rows to include them all, and click the Show Report button located just above the table:


Note that the report is not stored with the project and is viewable only at this time. The report will open in an internet explorer page:

6. When you are done, click Cancel to close the Points to Surface command pane.


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are working with surfaces in TBC!