Tip #107 : Extract Ground or Classify Regions ?

By Sudam Fernando posted 05-04-2020 11:03


With the release of 5.30, you may have noticed that the ‘Extract Ground’ command is no longer in the point cloud ribbon ! You may be wondering if it's gone and if so, did you lose the ability to automatically extract the ground with the scanning module ? well the short answer is a simple ‘no’, the functionality still exists within the scanning module and in this tip, I will show you how to access it ! 


Even Though the ‘Extract Ground’ command moved to the aerial photogrammetry module, we can extract our ground using the ‘Classify Regions’ command. With your point cloud selected, simply navigate to the classify regions command and here we have the option to automatically classify the regions of Buildings, High vegetation, poles and signs, power lines and ground




So what is the difference between extracting ground and extracting the point cloud region of ground ? Nothing ! 


In terms of algorithms used behind the scenes, the two commands share the same code and output equivalent results ! 


For more information, check out the product bulletin !


If you do have the aerial photogrammetry module and wanted to have the ‘Extract Ground’ command in your point clouds tab, you may use the ‘Customize Ribbon’ command 



Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !