Tip # 83 : Scan registration QA using cutting plane view

By Sudam Fernando posted 08-16-2019 14:34


Whenever we use scan data, we want to make sure that the scans are properly registered to each other. There may be some cases where the imported data may look registered but it isn't quite so. Using today’s tip you can easily do QA on your point cloud registration using the cutting plane view. 


First to access the cutting plane view, we must go to the ‘Point Clouds’ ribbon and select ‘Cutting Plane View’  




You are welcomed to the cutting plane view and here we will need to create a plane which intersects with our point clouds. Under the ‘Plane’ drop down list select  <New>  and you will be welcomed to the Plane Manager. 







In the plane manager, select ‘New’ and create a plane using the choices shown under ‘Planes’ tab. For this current data set, I have chosen the ‘Two points normal definition’ and selected two points in the point clouds to create a plane that intersects my point cloud 


Once you are satisfied with your plane, you may close the plane manager and turn your scan rendering to “Scan Color” so we are able to better visualize different scans. Enter a value such as “1” for the cutting plane thickness (or any thickness you are satisfied with). 


Using the slider at the bottom, you are now able to go through our data and look for discrepancies in your registrations. 



As we can see, the scans are not aligned with each other and definitely needs to be registered once more. 


Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using Trimble Business Center.