Tip #117: Release Notes Shortcut

By Erin Johnson posted 07-31-2020 07:02


Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever installed a new version of TBC and wished you could easily pinpoint new commands or enhancements? Well today I will be showing a quick shortcut in TBC to access Release Notes. Release Notes review information about new features, enhancements, system requirements, installation, licensing, and known issues when a new version of TBC is released.


1. From the Support Ribbon in your TBC window, navigate to Learning and select Release Notes


2. A new TBC Release Notes window opens in your designated web browser. New features are conveniently organized by their related ribbon tabs. The most recent TBC release is Version 5.31


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you install a new release of TBC!



08-11-2020 08:54

Hi Pius,


Thanks for your comment. When you first launch TBC on your computer, a version update notification is available under your News notifications. Even if you have an older version of TBC installed, a news notification appears with details about new features and enhancements when a new version of TBC is released:


Alternatively, you can access release notes on the TBC website here: Trimble Business Center: Bulletins and Updates | Trimble Geospatial 




08-11-2020 05:35

Hi Erin
It would be very useful to see the release notes of the next release before installing it. Sometime it is worse installing a version, better skip a release, when there are no improvements for the tasks used in a company. Updating is always a (little) risk and quite a bit of work.
At least, put a link to the release notes in the newsfeed on the TBC starting page.

Best Regards