Tip #118: The Edit Shortcut

By Erin Johnson posted 08-07-2020 06:32


Good morning TBC’ers! Do you have different types of objects in your TBC project and wish there was a centralized way to edit different data types?


Well today I will be demonstrating a useful shortcut from the Quick Access Toolbar: the Edit Command. When you need to edit an object in a graphic view, you can select the Edit Command and TBC will open the editor appropriate to the object’s type. TBC has numerous editing commands available, so the Edit Command can enhance your surveying workflow in TBC by quickly opening the appropriate command. Here are some of the various editing tools TBC has to offer displayed in the Command Pane:


1. To access the Edit Command, select the Edit icon from your Quick Access Toolbar:


2. Within the Edit Command, place your cursor in the Object box, then select the object that you wish to edit in the graphic view:


In the image above, I selected a linestring in the Plan View so the Edit Linestring Command automatically opens:


Here is another example, but in this case I have selected a Cut/ Fill Map in the Plan View with the Edit Command, so the Edit Color Mapping Command automatically pops up:


It is important to note that if you have set up a customized Quick Access Toolbar without the Edit Command icon, you can still access the appropriate editing command by searching Edit in the Command Pane (accessible by pressing F12 on your keyboard), or by right clicking on an object in the graphic view and selecting Edit in the context menu:


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you start a new TBC project!