Tip # 90 : Modify your selections with Advanced Select

By Sudam Fernando posted 10-18-2019 14:11


Our projects can sometimes end up having various types of data with different parameters for each of the data types. Using this week’s tip I will be showing you how to query your selection so you can select just the objects you need using these parameters. 


First we must open the command ‘Advanced Select’ by navigating to the GIS ribbon 



From here we are welcomed to the advanced select pane. In the ‘Apply This selection To’ section we can clarify what we want to apply the selection to. 


The ‘Select’ section is where all the magic happens. The ‘data type’ drop down list shows all the different types of data in your project that you are able to choose from. See below for a comparison of two projects with two varying types of data types : 







We can either select all of the objects that fall under that data type or we can specify which specific objects we would like to select. 


As an example, I have a data set with features attributes extracted and with point values assigned to each of these features. I would like to select just the points with the feature code of Broad leaf tree (BT). This is how I would set up my selection : 


and as we can see, the points with the feature code of BT has been selected ! 


Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using TBC ! 



10-24-2019 10:21

Hi Gizem, 


I've tested this to be non case sensitive. Are you seeing different behavior ? 

10-24-2019 10:19

Hi Radek, 


I am not familiar with chainage, if they appear in the properties of the points then you should be able to select using chainage. 

10-24-2019 06:35

Is it sensitive with Upper & Lower cases? I have tried to filter with Feature Code and selected SCP only.

It has listed both scp and SCP

When you select SCP, TBC selects all of them


10-24-2019 06:10

Can I select points by Chainage/offset or even better display them in point spreadsheet showing chainage/offset??