Tip #127: The Add to Region Command

By Erin Johnson posted 10-16-2020 07:35


Good morning TBC’ers! Have you ever extracted classified point cloud regions in TBC but noticed an object that was classified incorrectly and wished you could manually add the object to the correct region?  Well, today I will be demonstrating the Add to Point Cloud Region command. The Add to Point Cloud Region command dissociates selected scan points from their existing point cloud region and associates them with a different region.


To access the Add to Point Cloud Region command, follow the steps:


1. Automatically classify your imported point cloud with the Extract Classified Point Cloud Regions command; the Extract Classified Point Cloud Regions command is found in the Point Clouds Ribbon under Regions:

In my classification, I noticed a pole was misclassified as a tree (poles & signs are defaulted to red, and high vegetation is defaulted to green): 


2. Navigate to the Point Cloud Ribbon, and select Add to Region under Regions:

3. In the Add to region drop-down list, select the point cloud region to which you want to add scan points:

In this demonstration, I want to add the misclassified pole to thePoles and Signs region, and remove it from the High Vegetation region.


4. Click in the Scan points to add field, then, in a graphic view, select the scan points you want to add to the selected point cloud region. Depending on the type of selection you want to make, select either the Rectangle Select or Polygon Select command in the Status Bar at the very bottom of your TBC window:

Note: Utilizing the View Filter Manager is very helpful here as we can turn off the Building and Ground regions to make a more accurate point cloud selection:


5. Click the Add button:

The selected points are removed from their previous point cloud region and added to the selected point cloud region:


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are working with point clouds in TBC!