Tip #75 : Removing parallax from station view

By Sudam Fernando posted 06-14-2019 14:09


Ever look at your Station View after importing your scan data and see that two images aren't lined up? You think to yourself, “Oh, I probably forgot to check the ‘Remove Parallax’ box at the bottom of station view panel”


BUT the checkbox is checked and you think to yourself, “What should I do remove this pesky parallax?”


Well, I'm glad you asked because I have the answer!


We must first define what causes parallax, parallax is caused by the displacement of the position of the camera fixed to a specific subject. The graphic below shows a representation how the subject (the man) appears in different positions for the two cameras. Scanning takes multiple pictures of the same subjects in different positions as the scanner is rotating around. When merging these images together, the subject will appear unaligned to each other.










Looking at the Image above, we can see that in the blue box, I have checked the ‘Remove Parallax’ box but there is still parallax visible in the image seen in the red box. To fix this issue, we must divert our attention to the orange box where we can manually change the viewing distance. Depending on the subject you wish to see without any parallax, you must estimate the viewing distance to the subject and enter that value in the orange box. For this Image, I estimate that the road is approximately 20 meters away and I will change the viewing distance to 20 meters.





Viewing this image we can see that I changed the viewing distance to 20 m as stated above and my parallax between the subject (road) has been removed.


So, if you are experiencing parallax at a specific subject you may want to view in the station view, try changing the viewing distance ! Hope this helped !