Tip #111: Utilizing the Import Pane

By Erin Johnson posted 06-05-2020 12:53


Good afternoon TBC’ers! Today I will be demonstrating an alternative way to import GNSS and aerial image data into TBC through the import pane. The import pane allows us to access additional settings that do not appear with the drag & drop method. First, at the very top of your TBC window, click on the import icon:


We now see the import pane appear. We can click on the “...” to access our data folder that we want to import:

When selecting GNSS data to import, we see two settings on the very bottom of the import pane that are great for troubleshooting GNSS data: “Force Static” and “Force Kinematic”. Setting the “Force Static” setting to yes is useful when your intention was to survey a single point, but it was recognized as multiple points in the field. For instance, this could happen if you adjusted the tripod position while still collecting points and recording epochs. Forcing static will make your multiple points one observation. 


Additionally, setting “Force Kinematic” to yes is useful when you suspect bad measurements exist in static data. Forcing kinematic can expose field errors caused by tripod tilting. You can then disable the bad session segment, and improve the quality of the static survey.


If we are importing aerial survey data with the import pane, we have the additional option of selecting our coordinate system units. This is a quick way to designate if we want our coordinate units to be measured in degrees, feet, or meters:

I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are importing your data into a new TBC project!