Tip # 109 : TBC or TRW ? Which software package best suits your needs ?

By Sudam Fernando posted 05-22-2020 14:50


“Trimble Business Center (TBC) or Trimble Realworks (TRW)? Which of these scanning solutions best suits our needs?” -  I'm sure if you work with point cloud applications, you may have wondered this same exact question. It can be difficult to distinguish between the advantages of using one solution over the other, and that's why the TBC team along with the TRW team has created a comparison document which goes over the functionality of the two software to help us better understand the strengths and differences between TBC and TRW. 


For those who are not familiar with Trimble Realworks, it is a scanning software specifically designed for point cloud data processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model, and create deliverables using point cloud data from virtually any source. 


To find this document, lets navigate to the TRW webpage via this link :


Then lets navigate to the bottom of the page where we can find the “TBC-TRW Comparison for Scanning Workflows”: 




Then in the document we can see the comparison between 11 topics of : 





In each of the topics, we can compare which software supports which formats/workflows and more !





and if you prefer to listen to two experts of TBC and TRW compare the two software when it comes to different applications, checkout our YouTube channel for the following playlist !



If you have not done so already, this is the perfect time to get a free 30 day demo license to TRW (by contacting your nearest Trimble dealer) to check out these features for yourself ! 


Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are wondering whether to use Trimble RealWorks or Trimble Business Center !