Tip of the Week #51 - Quick Zoom Extents

By Matt McLean posted 08-10-2018 10:38


Hello fellow TBC’ers! Happy friday!


Short and sweet one this week for you folks, I learned this myself recently and hopefully it soon becomes common knowledge!

When navigating the plan or 3D views in TBC, often it is useful to use the Zoom Extents command on the View ribbon, but moving the mouse to the top left corner of TBC takes just as long as zooming out using the scroll wheel. Fear not! There is a shortcut to Zoom Extents which will always be in reach.


Simply double click on the scroll wheel of your mouse, and TBC will Zoom Extents. The 3D view will maintain the angle with which you are viewing your data when you double click the scroll wheel.


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02-06-2020 07:22

Is there a "zoom previous" command in TBC?

09-07-2018 10:39

I'm actually not sure which windows settings this is linked to, I took a look through and couldn't find anything for clicking the mouse wheel. It works for everyone in our office!

08-30-2018 01:09

I use this all the time :-) Do you know what settings in Windows this functionality is linked to?

I often have customers in for training, and even though they are running same Windows, BC-HCE and have no specific settings for their mouse, the double-click zoom extents doesn't work.

08-27-2018 12:41

Hi Colin,


There is not a way to disable this shortcut currently. 


Sorry about that,


08-27-2018 11:54

Although this is handy, I find that my mouse wheel button is very sensitive and often double clicks when I'm only scrolling.


Can I disable this shortcut?

08-13-2018 13:06

Hi John,


You make an excellent point! A multi-function gaming mouse (or keyboard) with programmable buttons (or keys) can be a time saver and -- in my opinion -- pay for itself quickly.


We did a Tip of the Week (#14) on setting hotkeys within the Define Command Shortcut. I'm glad you're making use of the shortcuts and they're helping you!




08-13-2018 08:30

Hi Matt -


I don't think this method is universally true.  I use a multi-function gaming mouse with multiple profiles and various settings and can set the scroll wheel to perform different functions with each profile.


The method I prefer to use to speed up productivity is to set hotkeys with the Define Command Shortcut.  From the default list, I have reset several to suit my needs including setting CNTL+Z to Zoom Extents from UNDO.