Tip #89 : Presentation of your data using TBC

By Sudam Fernando posted 10-04-2019 13:05


Presenting our data and work from the field can sometimes be a very tedious operation. Countless number of screenshots, videos and creating slide decks. Well, using today’s tip you can create a presentation of your data straight from TBC that can be used to present to various groups such as the general public, your co-workers or even your customers. 


To enter presentation mode, you must first have created defined views (Tip # 86 : Creating different viewpoint using the ‘Defined Views’ command) of the views you would like to present. After these views are created, you must enter the support ribbon and select ‘Presentation Mode’ 



Once you have selected presentation mode, the following window pane will welcome you to the presentation mode parameters 




Automatic advance time specifies the amount of time each view will be displayed until moving to the next view

Automatic Reset time specifies the amount of time after user interaction the presentation mode will cycle through the views 


and the Exit password specifies the password you may want to type to exit the presentation (not required as there is an exit button located in the presentation mode) 



The presentation will follow the order of your defined views (which you may rearrange to your liking) 


Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using TBC !