Tip of the Week #38 - Available License Servers

By Joseph Blecha posted 04-29-2018 21:13


Starting in TBC v4.10, the License Manager has a simplified interface to select a network server hosting your TBC license.  Here’s how:

If you are using a TBC license from a hosted server, such as one-seat from a ten-seat company license stored on a virtual or physical server within the network, TBC’s License Manager needs to be able to communicate and read the network server.  

Select the name of your TBC host server from the License server drop-down menu, click OK, and restart TBC for the changes to apply.

If you don’t see your TBC host server in the drop-down, use the License Support page on TBC’s website:

to review FAQs, Tech Tips, or the Sentinel HASAP License Introduction document.  If you’ve troubleshot as much as you can, contact your local Trimble Distribution Partner.

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I've read differing opinions about requirements for multiple network licenses. If you have more than one network license, do they all need to be of the same level (i.e. advanced or intermediate) and have the same addons, e.g. scanning or can they be a mix?  Though I'm not sure how you'd choose which license to get into if they were mixed.


Our folks in Europe are considering upgrading old TGO licenses to TBC.