Tip of the Week #50 - Graphic Selection Methods

By Matt McLean posted 08-03-2018 12:10


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Tip of the Week day, I hope this excites you as much as it does me! An aside before we dive in: A study was published in the Journal of Science last week by a team of Italian researchers, they have compelling evidence that liquid water exists under the poles of Mars. I think scientific developments like these are so cool. Find the study here:


When selecting points, linework, and objects within TBC, did you know the direction the selection is made affects the way objects are selected? This can be done in both the Rectangle and Polygon selection modes.


Rectangle Select can be selected in two locations by default, in the quick access toolbar at the top of TBC, and on the “Data” ribbon under Select.


To select only objects completely contained by the rectangle, drag from left to right. Below, only the lamp post CAD object and the two points, 1050 and 1051 are selected.


When the rectangle select rubber band is drawn from right to left, any object partially contained within the rectangle will be selected as shown below. The selection area is shown with a dotted line to indicate it will select objects partially contained. In the same selection area, this time from right to left, the linework of the parking lot island is also selected.


The Polygon Select command can be found right next to the Rectangle Select command in both the quick access toolbar and “Data” ribbon under Select.


The Polygon Select command has similar functionality to the Rectangle Select command. When the selection area is drawn clockwise, only objects completely contained are selected. When the selection area is drawn counterclockwise, any object partially contained is selected.


Click and drag to start the polygon select command. Insert additional vertices by clicking, and double click to finish drawing the polygon.


As seen below, when drawing the polygon in a clockwise direction, only objects completely contained are selected.


When the polygon is drawn counterclockwise, any object partially contained is selected.

Here two very different polygons can be used to select this group of CAD tree objects.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip of the week, and hopefully this helps to streamline your day just a little bit more!


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