Tip of the Week #44 - Locking manual edits to feature coded geometry

By Joseph Blecha posted 06-07-2018 23:30


As a professional surveyor, one always working with the same mental and manual precision as your world-class Trimble hardware, you never make any mistakes when feature coding topo in the field right?  Perfection for each shot, for every job, every day of your five (or six or seven!) day work week, right?

Well, if you are like the author and subject to the occasional fat-finger, short occupation, or mis-code, you’ll love the new Lock geometry feature in TBC v4.10 that helps you retain office edits to feature coded geometry.

Take a topo, any topo, like the Processing Feature Code TBC tutorial data set:

Turn off the RTK Vectors, Total Station observations, and Media Folders in the View Filter Manager by unchecking the corresponding boxes under the Raw Data header and process the feature code library by using the Process Feature Codes command in the Survey tab.  Any questions on these steps? Check out the Processing Feature Codes tutorial, available at:


Linework, symbols, line styles, labels, and more are created with a click of a button (with the help of your pre-configured FXL of course!).  Now, just suppose that the field surveyor missed a breakline point in their topo work, along the line boxed in red, points 893-894-895. Focusing, zooming in, and selecting the Properties of the line:

Note that the linestring is feature ‘EdgePvmt’ (Edge of Pavement).  Note how there is a new property under the Feature header called Locked and it is set to no.  More on this later. Adding that missed point manually in TBC, between 894 and 895, using the Edit Linestring command:

And the edge of pavement geometry is now complete.  Here’s the enhancement. View the Properties of the EdgePvmt linestring again:

Notice how now the Locked value is set to Yes.  When the locked is set to Yes, your manuel edits to the feature coded geometry will remain even if you re-process the data source.

To illustrate this, check out the Process Feature Codes again, select the same data source and select the Process Source(s) button:

The manually edited EdgePvmt linestring keeps the added vertex.

If you wish to remove that vertex, you can manually delete it in Edit Linestring or you can set the Locked to no and re-process the data set.

And the manually added vertex is removed.

This new locking property is quite handy when dealing with complex data sets or multiple days of work in the same TBC project.  Keep your edits as you complete your QC checks and manual edits now in TBC v4.10.

TBC - From Field to Finish with Confidence.



11-01-2018 14:07

It seems if you break the linestring between two points and then add a segment (shown in yellow) between those points. Join all together and Lock. When you Process the feature codes, it will NOT keep your manual edits.


I wonder if that is because when you "Join" these features together they do not retain the original processing info???



08-06-2018 06:54

This is a great addition!