Tip of the Week #17 - Quick & Clean Facade Segmentation for Orthophotos

By Riley Smith posted 07-08-2017 19:03


This tip of the week is brought to you by one of our Application Engineers, Arnaud Lezennec.  Thanks for another great tip Arnaud! 
Application Engineer, Arnaud Lezennec. Thanks Arnaud

One of the many deliverables you can create in TBC using scan data is orthophotos.  Cleaning your scan data is necessary to produce orthophotos, but can be time consuming depending on the density and size of the point cloud.  This tip demonstrates a workflow to clean up your scene in seconds.

  1. Open the “Create Orthophoto” command and define the projection plane on the facade of the building.

  2. Next, clean up the data from within the Cutting Plane View
    1. Open the cutting plane view for the same plane

    2. In the cutting plane view side panel, check the box “Apply cutting plane” and set a thickness (2.0m here). This will filter out the data further than 2m from the plane

To refine the scan points used to create the orthophoto, you can:

  • Adjust the thickness in the cutting plane view. This will take more of less points around the plane
  • Use the standard “Keep In” and “Keep Out” workflow to clean up you scene further with a polygonal selection, now that the view is much easier to understand


Your scans are now clean to create an orthophoto for drafting, export, or final deliverable. 

This concludes another TBC tip of the week.  Happy Surveying!



TBC Team