Tip of the Week #26 - "Draping" Ortho Images on Surfaces

By Joseph Blecha posted 01-31-2018 22:32


Take your ortho plan view images and surface models further by “draping” the image on a surface.  This provides texture and is a great visualization tool!  Here’s how…

We’ll work with only a surface and a plan view image.  The surface can be generated from linework, points, point cloud, anything.  The plan view image could be an orthomosaic from photogrammetry or a georeferenced image.

In the Plan View on the left, you’ll see the ortho image, on the right, you’ll see the surface model, Topo Surface, in 3D, in a lovely shade of triangulated gray.

(Note in red how each view can have its own View Filter - My Filter and My Filter - Copy - set to view different layers and objects in each layer, maybe a future Tip of the Week?)

Let’s add more detail to the surface by adding the ortho image as a surface member, effectively draping the image on the surface.  In the Surfaces tab, select the Surface Members command.  With the intended surface selected in the Surface drop-down box (Topo Surface in this case), click in the Selected: 0 text box under the Member to add or remove:

Then click on the image you wish to drape.  You may have to select the image in the Project Explorer > Imported Files.  The Selection number will change to 1.  

Then, click the Add button.  After an automatic project recomputation, the surface will be updated with the imagery added:

A closer look…




Pretty cool, huh?  Visual contours better now, extract geometry from the surface more clearly, and impress your clients.

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05-15-2018 19:42

Pretty cool!!

Could u share the data with Google Drive?