Tip # 87 : Setting maximum edge length to trim surface edges

By Sudam Fernando posted 09-20-2019 13:52


We have all had times when we have created surfaces but there are unnecessary surface triangles in our surface model. Yes, we can clean these triangles using the ‘Trim Surface Edge’ command but using today’s tip you can easily remove those unnecessary surface triangles using one simple trick ! 


Below we have a point cloud region of which we will be creating a surface from 

From this ground region we will create a surface, which is shown below : 




From this surface we see some surface triangles that we need to remove. So we can simply go to the project explorer and open up the properties panel for the surface. From here we can navigate to the maximum edge length option. This specifies what the maximum triangle edge length allowed on the edge of your surface. 




Here, we will enter a value which is an acceptable edge length for our project and the surface will recompute as shown below : 



And Viola ! The surface edges have been trimmed ! You are also able to set the maximum edge length prior to starting your project using the Project Settings as well ! 


Simply open your Project setting navigate to the computations folder and in the surface tab, simply change your edge length ! 



Hope this Tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center ! 

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10-13-2019 17:50

Reducing Maximum Edge Angle can reduce excess triangles tremendously also, particularly those long skinny ones that often down the outside of breaklines (eg. design batters). Try 100° or 110° but, as with maximum edge length, check the model to ensure that the value isn't so low that it's nulling triangles within the model.