Customized Keyboard Shortcuts, Ribbons, and the Quick Access Toolbar - Tip of the Week #14

By Joseph Blecha posted 06-16-2017 23:19


Customized Keyboard Shortcuts, Ribbons, and the Quick Access Toolbar - Tip of the Week #14


Did you know that you can launch commands using customized keyboard shortcuts and customize ribbons in TBC?


In the Support tab, click the Define Command Shortcuts command.


In the Define Command Shortcuts window, select the TBC command in the left drop-down box and match to a pre-defined keyboard shortcut in the right drop-down box.  The command can also generate an Excel spreadsheet to report on all defined keyboard shortcuts with the Excel Report button.



Link as many TBC commands as you want, your changes are automatically saved to TBC’s active layout.  The active layout, which includes the keyboard shortcuts and the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar layouts, can be saved to a *.bin or *.xml file and exported to other TBC workstations or for retention when updating to the latest TBC release.


Right click to the right of the commands in any TBC tab and select either of the Customize... options.



In this window, you can drag-and-drop commands to the existing or user-created Ribbons or to the Quick Access Toolbar.  To export your changes, use the Export button at the bottom of the menu and save a *.bin or *.xml file.




To import a *.bin file on another workstation or to reload after a new TBC install, use the same approach, except click the Import button.  Navigate to where the *.bin or *.xml file is saved, select it in the Import window, and your custom Keyboard Shortcuts, Ribbons, and Quick Access Toolbars will load in TBC.


Make TBC fit your drafting and workflow needs with Define Command Shortcuts and Customize Ribbons and Quick Access Toolbar and work more efficiently today!