Tip # 101 - Understanding the session editor.

By Sudam Fernando posted 03-13-2020 14:38


Session editor has been a very handy tool in TBC and allows you to improve the quality of your baselines by either disabling unhealthy satellites, conceal bad satellite data and adjust occupation times. In this tip, you’ll see how you can perform these improvements, and understand how the session editor displays unhealthy satellite data.  


To enter the session editor, select the baseline of interest to view the session and select ‘Session Editor’ under the Survey Tab. 



With the Session Editor Open, you can read the editor as : 






G = GPS Satellite 


R = GLONASS Satellite


E = Galileo Satellite 


C = BeiDou Satellite 


J = QZSS Satellite 











Blue lines : Represents the first point in the baseline, generally the base station.

Green lines : Represents the second point in the baseline, generally the rover station. 




The gaps in the sessions defined by dashed lines represent the cycle slips of each session (if there are any)



When you find cycle slips, you can disable this part of the satellite data by executing a left-click and dragging your cursor across the cycle slip 



You may also find sessions that may have either ended or started too early. Although it is not necessary to disable these sessions, you can simply select the satellite to disable the whole session. In this case, I selected ‘G7’ to disable the session. 




Once you’ve made the proper adjustments to your sessions, click ‘Ok’ and re-process the same baseline to review the new results.



Hopefully this tip comes in handy the next time you’re using Trimble Business Center!