TOTW #71 - See Inside Point Clouds

By Matt McLean posted 03-28-2019 12:58


Welcome back to the seventy first TBC Tip of the Week!


Exterior scans are easy to view, simply view as-is in TBC! Though, what about interior scans? These can be a bit more challenging without going through extensive manual segmentation and mastering the limit box. Lucky for you, TBC has a clever rendering option to see into scans!


For a more natural viewing, I first set the Projection Type to Perspective. This command applies a more natural view to the point cloud, sometimes in Orthographic it can be confusing if the cloud is being viewed from above or below, not with perspective!

Point Clouds > View > Projection Type (Down arrow next to Orthographic)


Here I have an SX10 scan of a tunnel. Pretty challenging to see what’s going on inside the tunnel! 


Let’s try a rendering mode called "See Inside". It can be found at Point Clouds > Rendering > See Inside


This view allows us to easily see inside the tunnel, much easier to interpret the scene! Using the limit box to investigate scans is (nearly) a thing of the past with TBC! "See Inside" works with your TZF, FLS, and SX10 scans. It dynamically removes all the points sitting between you and the scanner and showing their back to you. It literally removes all the obstructing points from the scene, leaving a clean view inside the scan. 


This can be useful in many situations, particularly indoor scanning projects!


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04-26-2019 10:54

This is really useful

Thanks for your support

04-26-2019 10:48

Hi Junning,

Today we do have a manual workflow for eliminating noise along a path. It is with the multi-slice cutting plane. By creating planes at a regular interval, and setting the slice thickness to match that interval, noise can be removed from linear scans efficiently. Here is a video introducing the multi slice cutting plane.


By adjusting the thickness of the slice, selecting points with polygon select, and adding to a "trash" region, the noise can effectively be removed.




04-26-2019 10:14


   It's like a tunnel with lots of noise inside. Is it possible to eliminate noise along a path or a three-dimensional boundary?