Tip # 100 : Making CAD objects and points using virtual DR

By Sudam Fernando posted 03-06-2020 15:18


Many of us may have used Direct Reflex in the field, but did you know that you can use DR straight within TBC as well ? Direct Reflex allows surveyors to take measurements to surfaces and objects without the need for a prism. With that same principle, we can create measurements and other objects such as points and CAD objects using the virtual DR mode in station view. 


So how does it work ? when picking a point using the virtual DR mode,TBC projects a nearby scan point onto the line-of-sight ray to help calculate the 3D position of the new point


Before we begin, we must ensure that our stations have images associated with them. This allows us to use the Pixel Picker to select on a referenced photo image the location (pixel) where we want to create a measurement, CAD object, or point


So to begin, we enter the station view of the station we want to use virtual DR with. While we are here, we can check the ‘Virtual DR’ box. 





To see more points, we can select the ‘Image filter’ option and turn on ‘Show scans from other stations’ to see the points from other stations. This will give us more dense point cloud which in turn allows us to pick our points with more confidence. 






Once we have turned on ‘Virtual DR’ mode and turned on Scans from other stations, we are ready to create objects using the virtual DR mode. 


We can go ahead and open up the ‘Linestring’ command and when we get to pick the coordinate, we can pick approximately where we want the linestring to begin and we will see a pixel picker that lets us verify where we want to pick on the Image under laid on the scans. 





Using this method, we can create points and other CAD objects as well ! 


Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center.