Tip # 96 : Breaking apart objects using the explode command

By Sudam Fernando posted 01-10-2020 14:45


Welcome back to a brand new year of TBC ! We can kick off 2020’s collection of tips by learning how we can break apart any objects that contain multiple components for further modifications, moving or even exporting individual components. 


Let's take the following surface as an example, created using a corridor, but we want to be able to access the CAD objects used to create the corridor. 




To achieve this, we must navigate to the Explode command in the ‘Edit’ tab under the ‘CAD’ ribbon. Here we can select which objects we want to break apart. 



In the Explode command, we can go ahead and select our surface to be exploded.‘Delete blocks after exploding’ checkbox refers to situations where you do not want to retain the original block as well as the exploded components. 




and after exploding, we can see that the surface has exploded into 15 individual components which we can now modify, move or even export 





Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !


Have a great year !



01-21-2020 15:55

Yes I have seen this need more


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01-21-2020 14:52

Hi Rich, 

unfortunately I dont see any reports that have all these information that are customizable, but there is this style sheet : 


It offers information on all the work carried out in the job. 


To access this please go to Home Ribbon > Job Report Generator > Select your job file > Select this style sheet. 


It is not exactly what you are looking for but it does have all the necessary information. 


Hopefull this helps.

01-21-2020 11:49

No Sir,

Would like to extract this data from JXl via TBC reports. (the field procedures of turning rounds for control , reshooting previous astaked point when rod height changes, BS deltas on setpu and check, prism changes etc.  would be a TA function )

Thank you very much for your time.



01-21-2020 11:44

Hello Rich, 


Are you trying to use these reports in the field (field device) ? Because that will not be possible. 

01-21-2020 10:47

Yes Sir,

We start with astaked report and modifiy to have:



  •   BS deltas


  •   FS deltas


  •   Alerts when rod change and prism change when rod changes we would like to go back to last staked point for a check


  •   When control is set that it is double determined this lets us know when new control has been set to update control file on server


  •   Also before gun is picked  up we would like bs check again

Thank you in advance




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01-21-2020 10:42

Hi Rich, 


To confirm I understand your question correctly, you are looking into creating a custom report that displays the following when the following has occurred : 

1) BS deltas when control points have not been double determined 

2) the height differences when either rod height and prism height has changed 


Is this correct ?


- Sudam F

01-21-2020 10:02

Hello Sudam,

We need help making custom reports have seen tbc power hour and it’s a nice over view but we would like

BS deltas Flag when control points are not double determined and flag when rod height and prism change

Can you help?


p.s. do we need to learn python?


01-15-2020 13:13


01-15-2020 13:11

Hi Rich, 

Did you create this surface using line-work or scan data ? 

01-15-2020 08:55