Tip of the Week #37 - Version Upgrade Eligibility

By Joseph Blecha posted 04-29-2018 20:52


TBC v4.10 is released, have you heard?  Lots of new features like Projected Surfaces, Tunneling module, locking feature-coded geometry, post-processing SSF files, and more.  

Looking to upgrade your current version to v4.10?  With TBC’s perpetually licensed software model, your license warranty date governs what is the latest version of TBC that can be licensed.  For example, TBC v4.10 requires a warranty date of April 1, 2018 or later to license the new version and functionality.

To check your TBC warranty date, open the License Manager from either the Start Page or the Support tab:

TBC v4.10's Start Page - launch License Manager


TBC v4.10 Support tab - launch License Manager


In the License Manager, check the upper right entry called Warranty expiration.  This date is your warranty license date. You are eligible to license any TBC version with the editions and modules you’ve purchased with a warranty (or build) date equal to or before your warranty license date.

So in this example, I am eligible to license the editions and modules under Features Licensed for any TBC version with a warranty (or build, the terms are interchangeable) date equal to December 31, 2020 or earlier.

Ok, that’s easy enough to find, but how can I find the build dates of TBC versions?  Well, you’ll be prompted with the latest available version in the Check for Updates routine, also available in the Start Page or Support tab.

Or, you can check the version’s Release Notes.  The build date will always be listed among the first couple of pages:

Or, Trimble Geospatial Support maintains a Latest Versions list on the Support A-Z page with build dates for TBC and other Geospatial products:

Armed with this license warranty date knowledge, update to v4.10 today (download page here) or contact your local Trimble Partner to extend your warranty past April 1, 2018!

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