Tip of the Week #22 - Transform Survey Points

By Joseph Blecha posted 01-05-2018 13:55


Start your new year off in style with handy TBC knowledge.  This week?  What you need to know about the Transform Survey Points command.


Often times the surveyor is provided data in local or ground systems but works in a global (or GNSS) coordinate system.  What are some ways we can adjusted data from one system to another?  The answers lies in the Transform Survey Points command.  This powerful feature enables users to perform either a 3, 5, or 7 Helmert or Least Squares Adjustment on a selection of survey points.  To do this you will need several pairs of points with known or measured coordinates in the current and desired coordinate system.


The seven parameters available are for translations in the northing, easting, elevation coordinates, rotation in the X, Y, Z axes, and scale for horizontal and vertical data.


Transform Survey Points command in TBC


Happy 2018!