Tip #104: Changing the Display Settings of Image Files

By Erin Johnson posted 04-17-2020 10:35


Good afternoon TBC’ers! Have you ever imported an image but was not satisfied with its’ display? Wishing you could change some display settings? Well, today I will be showing you how to change the display settings of imported image files, such as JPGs or TIFs, in TBC. From your project explorer, open the properties of your image file by right clicking on your imported file:


Under the “Render Settings” heading in the properties pane, there are four settings that can be adjusted to change your image display: 


The “view priority” specifies the stacking order if you have more than one imported image file. The “display style” applies a selected display to your image and has four options for you to choose from-- desaturated, bluelined, inverted, or dim. The “transparency” simply specifies a transparency percentage, and the “smooth” option will literally smooth your image. Here, I will choose a display style of “desaturated” with a transparency of 25% and smoothing turned on. All image display settings update automatically in the plan view:


This is also great for changing the display of images on a drafting sheet within a dynaview. Such an adjustment comes in handy when you want to print your drafting sheet in black and white, and not in color. If you change the display settings of an image located within a dynaview in your plan view, you can simply right click on your dynaview in the drafting sheet to hit “refresh”, and the image display style will instantly update: 


I hope this tip comes in handy next time you are working with images within TBC!