Tip of the Week #43 - New GNSS Planning Online Tool

By Joseph Blecha posted 05-30-2018 20:41


Believe it or not, Trimble is not just a provider of world-class field-to-finish survey CAD office software, we make industry-leading GNSS units too, among others!  And, we’ve help the broad geospatial community by publishing a new HTML JavaScript-based GNSS Planning Online tool.  Check it out at:

Set your position graphically or with Lat/Longs, enter height, elevation cutoff mask, day and time parameters, along with a constellation toggle to set the satellites you wish to use.

Hit ‘Apply’ and view elevation and satellite charts:

and a skyplot over your time and location:

In addition, check out the World View, plotting the location of satellites around the globe at the given time and mask, run time-lapse to put the satellites in motion, and overlay the TEC or Scintillation Ionosphere maps:

GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS constellations are supported and the new online planning tool is compatible with all web browsers.  English, German, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, and French languages are supported.

In addition, get status updates for each satellite in the ‘Satellite Library’ tab, with information included like status, eccentricity, inclination, clock offset, and more!

Watch for the new tool to be linked in TBC in a future release!

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06-05-2020 06:52

Has anyone noticed discrepancies between Trimble's GNSS Planning Online tool results and John Deere's Satellite Predictor results (same date, same location)?  The result of each seems shifted by 2 hours and 20 minutes from the other. I've triple-checked my settings (May 19, 2020; UTC -4) and cannot find the source of the timing error, so I'm asking both user communities. Thank you.

07-23-2018 13:33

In the installation process of TBC, if you select Tools and Utilities, you can install a GNSS Planning Utility. It contains the ability to use obstruction diagrams and plan for DOP's. I had never used it before and was able to do all this in only a few minutes.


It may already be installed on your computer, it's in the 'Trimble Office' folder on my Windows 10.

I agree that it isn't a "full function" planning tool until obstructions can be accounted for. I used the Trimble online GNSS Planning tool regularly in school and it definitely had that ability before the migration to HTML from Microsoft Silverlight. Two steps forward, one step back as they say.

07-18-2018 15:49

Well that is disappointing. Without the obstruction diagram capability I wouldn't call this a "full function" planning tool. I guess you have to use the software tool, but I'm not sure Trimble even has it online for download anymore, I'll have to look. 

07-17-2018 18:44

Looks like it might have been recently removed, by error? I used it a month ago while preparing for a GNSS seminar I presented. I looked tonight in 3 browsers on both windows 8.1 and 10 and did not see it.


Robert Hoy, PS | Survey Manager


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07-17-2018 12:09

@Robert Hoy I think you are thinking of the older Trimble GNSS Online Planning tool.  I have been looking and can't seem to find the Obstructions button anywhere.  Someone send me a screenshot if I am missing something.

06-21-2018 09:29

Rising, falling, earth wobble?

06-20-2018 13:17

I love the idea of this, but I can't get it to work.  It says unable to download the requested almanac.

06-04-2018 05:43

There is an Obstructions button in the Settings, which might be what you're asking for.

06-01-2018 00:51

Thanks for the updated GNSS planning tool and additionally thanks for the Vilnius promotion


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06-01-2018 00:40

Looks good !

and at last we do not need "Silverlight" anymore  



but how we can get 0.5 satellite in the sky ?

2.5; 7.5; 12.5; 17.5; 22.5; 27.5 ?

05-31-2018 16:29

Enhancement ideas:

  1. allow visualization of the WAAS (PRN 133, PRN 135) birds for Satellite prediction.  Maybe a SBAS Group added allowing to turn on/off different Satellite augmentation birds.
  2. Ability to create a curtain (term from Trimble Planning) to design the obstructions seen. The Cutoff provided is good for flat horizon prediction, but modelling the obstructions give better predictability.



05-31-2018 15:42

YEA!!!! We still need Planning, and its been a tough several years without an online tool that works. I still use Trimble Planning, but lordy, this is great.


CT's will like this functionality for teaching too.