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 Exporting custom property sets via Connect API

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Harald Holmström posted 11-16-2021 01:16

I have a project where I am exporting custom property sets via the connect API that have been entered in the 3D viewer. I am using an IFC file generated in Tekla Structures​ to input the property set values.

  1. Free license project: the IFC file status is 'DONE' and I can get all BIM objects in the model with a call to modelsController.GetObjectsAsync(query). However, I am unable to retrieve the custom property set that I created in the project. Is this due to the project being created with a free license?
  2. Business premium project: I tried creating a new project once I had the upgraded license and had encountered the problem above. Now, the issue is that the .ifc file has status 'PENDING' after I uploaded it yesterday. It seems that no BIM objects can be queried from the ifc-file if it does not have status 'DONE'. How long does it take for Connect to completely process the file so that I can query the custom property set fields via the API? The model file is smaller than 1mb.
Any help will be greatly appreciated,
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Darshan Rajaram Kamat
Hi Harald,
Apologies for the delay in response. 
Could you please send the project and file details to our Support team ( so that we can investigate this further. Its quite possible that the file conversion didn't happen for this file alone. But there could be other reasons. 

Dasrhan Kamat
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Harald Holmström
Darshan, thanks for the reply! I already got help internally with this problem 

For future reference, to access the custom property sets that can be managed in the web 3D viewer one should use the PSet API.

That API can be called programmatically through an SDK available as a NuGet package:
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Darshan Rajaram Kamat
Oh ok Herald. Great to know the problem is solved.