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Javier Bernal posted 01-14-2022 04:36
Hello everyone,

I would like to add a new Company Account into my Trimble Connect Plan (I don´t want a new seat, just a new company, different to the existing one in yellow below):

In order to see another one in my linked accounts in my profile:

This is because I need to change projects from one company to another one in my Project Details:

So the question is, is that possible? where can I create a new Company Account? Or I need to pay another subscription for the new company and link it to my current account email?

Thanks in advance for your help, have a nice day.
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Darshan Rajaram Kamat
Hi Javier,
You currently have Trimble Connect for Business license under "Rover Infraestructuras". Can you please let us know which Account you would like your projects to be mapped to?
Also, can you please let us know if you had purchased (the existing license) online from Trimble Connect's Storefront or through any of dealers or was it assigned by another account to your email address ( ?

Darshan Kamat

cc// @Laura Cook
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Javier Bernal
Hi Darshan, thanks for your repply.

My license was assigned by a colleague's account to my email addres yes, we purchased a TC Business license in my company.

We would like to create another account like "Rover Infraestructuras" in order to have different metadata (in different languaje).

We have tried to do it this morning buying another Business license, but it didn´t work because it created a new "seat" in out current "Rover Infraestructuras" account, what we don´t want.

How can we create a new account with different ID to change the project ownership? we would like to create it under the same email in the company if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Laura Cook
Hi @Javier Bernal

From the licensing aspect to your question - What you are trying to do is actually not possible - the way the system works is that there is one account which can have multiple licenses under it - there isn't a way to create sub accounts under an existing account.

​From inside Trimble Connect, what you are trying to do would also not be possible since changing the account ownership to a different account would require that the license for the project would have to be changed - since you cannot use a license coming from one account while saying that the project is owned by another. The way it technically works is the project is owned by the account from which it gets its license.