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New Penmap for Android version

  • 1.  New Penmap for Android version

    Posted 04-12-2022 02:09

    We have released a new Penmap for Windows version.
    The version includes the following enhancements:

    New features

    Supports real time kinematic Base/Rover workflow.

    Penmap for Android is able to set up a base station and then connect with a rover for RTK measurement. Supported instruments for bases are R10, R12, and R12i GNSS receivers. Internal radio or TDL450 can be used with CMR, CMR+, CMRX. Current supported instruments as rover are Trimble R8, R10, R12, and R12i GNSS receivers.

    TDC150 with external antenna

    Penmap for Android now supports using an external antenna with the TDC150.


    • GNSS: For averaged positions, stored measurement values are now set to the largest rms value, min sat number, worst pdop, hdop for average measurement. Previously the last recorded values were saved.

    • Integrated Coordinate System database 101

    Bug fixes

    • Shareservices: Changed Magenta Cloud URL to the current one ( Please note that Telecom secured the WebDAV for Magenta cloud connection. To establish a WebDAV connection you have to create a new session per device to get an individual password for it.

    • Fixed: When deleting features via the context menu, the GIS behind is now also deleted.

    • Minor bug fixes


    Cornelia Schmitz