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New Penmap for Windows version

  • 1.  New Penmap for Windows version

    Posted 03-10-2021 07:28
    We have released a new Penmap for Windows version.
    The version includes the following enhancements:

    New features

    • New Photo Wizard

      The new integrated Photo Wizard is a tool to add information to photos and create sketches. Any photo captured as a GIS feature using Penmap can be edited using the Photo Wizard. You can also create sketches that do not have a background image, to better illustrate complex issues. Use the Photo Wizard to:

      • sketch on a photo (mark areas, set arrows, type notes)

      • save sketches

      • load existing pictures and add information to them

    • It is now possible to load and save a calc file (site calibration) to a specific folder.


    • Change SAPOS-Ntrip Caster to URL addresses to avoid conflicts with outaged IP-addresses.

    • Fixes an issue where the Side Menu was not cleared for a new project.

    • Fixes an issue where a project references to the wrong coordinate system library after a crash. When opening a project after a crash the message "project uses old coordinate system library" appeared.

    • Update Coordinate System Database to DB95.

    • Penmap no longer closes if the Bluetooth NMEA connection is lost.

    • UNV Export no longer needs to export GIS photos into the UNV export folder.

    • Minor bugfixes.

    Cornelia Schmitz

  • 2.  RE: New Penmap for Windows version

    Posted 03-11-2021 07:31
    The new Photo Wizard will just open collect a photo in GIS with the new version.
    Can look like this

    Cornelia Schmitz