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    Posted 02-25-2022 00:22
    Penmap is easy-to-use, especially the Android app is intuitive and designed for EVERYONE.
    Penmap can work with data models like STDM, capture GIS features with attributes, create coordinate systems, assign tasks to team members, import and export GIS data. 
    Surely the settings for the data model or the coordinate system are more the work of the GIS expert in your team. 
    But if you have created your Penmap template, then for the field data collection everything remains as it was! #easytouse
    You are curious and want to work data model driven? Then download Penmap Project Manager and learn more.
    BTW, Penmap Project Manger is free of charge.

    Create Projects
    Set up Penmap Data Collection Template
    Add Team Members
    User Defined Settings
    Export Data
    Download and Licence

    Markus Koper
    Business Development
    Trimble Land Administration