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SHP not showing GIS data for Points

  • 1.  SHP not showing GIS data for Points

    Posted 04-25-2022 17:30


    We utilize Penmap for gathering GNSS data for utility locates that we perform. I've created a handful of iFeatures for doing polyline mapping of the utilities after being marked by groundpenetrating radar. In addition, we needed the ability to log comments of the estimated utility depth. I created a schema for this using a decimal to store the depth in engineering tenths. With that iFeature and schema created, we are able to export the data as a shapefile and import into Google Earth for client viewing. This would allow them to select the "depth" points and display depth within Google Earth. 

    When I attempted to use this same methodology on our most recent job (after updating Penmap to the most recent version), it appears to no longer function as intended. I collected all data and exported as normal but when viewing the data within Google Earth, the "depth" points do not display the custom schema. I verified that it did indeed gather the data correctly within the GIS Manager in the app but need to be able to properly export that data for it to be useful to our client.

    Any suggestions in regards to how to recover that data? Recollecting is out of the question. Happy to provide project/template files if requested.


    Kirk Kassebaum

  • 2.  RE: SHP not showing GIS data for Points

    Posted 04-26-2022 03:47
    Hello Kirk,
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'll get in touch with you to analyze the issue.
    Kind regards

    Cornelia Schmitz

  • 3.  RE: SHP not showing GIS data for Points

    Posted 04-27-2022 01:39
    Solution of  analyzing the structure of graphics:
    The Layer of the iFeature, which is not exported was disabled.
    Enable the layer and the features will be exported.

    Cornelia Schmitz