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Mobile Manager connects to NTRIP caster but doesn't request corrections.

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  • 1.  Mobile Manager connects to NTRIP caster but doesn't request corrections.

    Posted 06-28-2021 09:41
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    At that last Geo Business show in London I went to the Trimble stand and saw the Catalyst.  I asked whether it would accept corrections from a third-party NTRIP caster, and was assured that it would.  On that basis, I bought one.

    I'm now trying to connect my Catalyst to my NTRIP caster.

    I also have an Emlid Reach rover and I'm using that to show that the caster is working.  To eliminate an obvious source of error, I've made my mountpoint public, so no need for a user name and password.  I've also got my caster to produce tracing messages so that I can see what's going on.

    I connect my Emlid rover.  As expected, it sends a "GET /" to my caster to populate its list of mountpoints.  I choose the mountpoint uk_leatherhead.  The rover sends "GET /uk_leatherhead" to open a connection and receive corrections.  The UI shows everything working and the rover is now accurate to 2cm.

    In the Trimble Mobile Manager on my Android phone, I fill in the GNSS configuration page, filling in all the boxes, except for the password, which is irrelevant in this case (public mountpoint).  When I fill in the name and port number of the caster, the TMM sends a "GET /" request it and populates the list of mountpoints.  I choose the uk_leatherhead mountpoint.

    (Note that this proves that the TMM can find and connect to my caster.)

    There is no Submit button on the GNSS configuration page.  My dealer's tech support tells me that this is expected behaviour.  That's unfortunate because I can't tell whether or not it's satisfied.  As I said, I filled in all the relevant boxes, so it should be.

    I go to the home page and connect to the Cat.  After a few seconds it settles down and says "2.0 Autonomous", ie no corrections coming in.  It also shows two subscriptions: Catalyst Free and On Demand.  The dealer's tech support tells me that I should be using Catalyst Free for this purpose, but again, there is no submit button in that section, just one to start an On Demand session, which I avoid pressing.

    Back at my caster, I can see that the TMM sent a "GET /" to fetch the list of mountpoints, but nothing afterwards.  It did not send a "get /uk_leatherhead" to start the stream of corrections.

    So it appears that the app is waiting for me to do something to start the connection running, but I have no idea what.

    I response to this, the dealer's tech support said "Trimble Mobile Manager can be used with different receivers, please see on below link supported receivers, and Trimble Mobile Manager can configure the receivers to get different corrections. Supported receivers (  With Trimble catalyst free subscription a phone and a DA1 antenna,  will work in Autonomous mode."

    I'm a little concerned about "will work in Autonomous mode", because that seems to imply that with a catalyst, TMM will not, after all, accept corrections from my NTRIP caster.

    Could somebody from Trimble please advise me?



    Simon Ritchie

  • 2.  RE: Mobile Manager connects to NTRIP caster but doesn't request corrections.
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    Posted 07-02-2021 01:41
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    Hi Simon,

    all you describe sounds valid.
    So TMM has no 'store' button; settings get applied basically when you remove focus from an edited field. For example after you entered caster URL and port TMM tries to automatically fetch the list of available mountpoint. If it can't get a list you'll see an error.
    Username and password get applied if a correction stream gets started - in case of an invalid NTRIP account you'll get an 'invalid NTRIP credentials' error in UI and log after your start the NTRIP connection. 

    The problem you face is most likely that you have no subscription for Trimble Catalyst other then the free one.

    So a free subscription provides you an autonomous position.
    If you want a solution based on your NTRIP caster you must go for a paid subscription (meter, decimeter etc). The Trimble Catalyst system is a system - so its not just the antenna but also Trimble Correction Hub and other backend services. 

    I'll shoot you a private message to confirm the assumptions above.


    Nico Becke