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*Feature Request* - Display alternative file name/description in Model Tree

  • 1.  *Feature Request* - Display alternative file name/description in Model Tree

    Posted 05-21-2020 03:22

    [On medium and large projects with strict Doc Control] Model files will typically be given document names/references that are difficult/impossible to interpret what the actual content of the model file is.


    For example what is in this file; NW567-SW02-04-05-A-MDI-XXXX-2400-5406.ifc  ?


    When viewing in the model tree the result might be something like the below, which makes it difficult to efficiently navigate large multidisciplinary models, particularly on mobile.


    One solution could be to rename files, but this is inefficient/messy, particularly when documents are versioned and makes traceability awkward.


    It would be great if TC had option to add document Titles (i.e. other CDE platforms have this functionality), and where available display the document title in the model tree with the doc ref in smaller font below (or vice versa). Or, use the existing Tags functionality - display the file Tags alongside/underneath the file names in the model tree.