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Associate markups to Todo?

  • 1.  Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-19-2019 07:32

    Is it possible to associate a set of markups so that they only appear when you activate a Todo? I don't want a bunch of markups cluttering the model. I only want certain ones to appear to better illustrate a Todo issue.

  • 2.  Re: Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-20-2019 04:27

    Hi Matt,

    It is possible to create a View with markups and make that View as part of a ToDo. That way when the user opens up the Todo , s/he can see the associated View (with markups). Hope this helps.



    Darshan Kamat

  • 3.  Re: Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-20-2019 05:46

    Are you saying that you can make it so the markup is visible in the View, but hidden when you are not in that View? I've looked through the manual and there's no mention on how to do this with markups. If I right-click on a markup, all I see is "Remove". There's no "Hide" option. I don't see markups in the model tree either, so I can't hide it there either.


    So, how do you hide markups?

  • 4.  Re: Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-20-2019 08:35

    Hello I think I know the answer,

    When you add a markup and you create a ToDo, the view associated to the ToDo will contain the markup.

    But the markup will not be visible in other views or in the global view the next time you open TCD, the only way the find the markup you made will be to go to the todo associated.

    Hope it helps


  • 5.  Re: Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-20-2019 10:54

    Hi Olivier. Thank you. So if I understand correctly, When you add new markups to a model, they will become associated to the next View that is created, whether it's a manually created View or an automatically generated View from creating a Todo?


    So markups never persist in the "global View"?

  • 6.  Re: Associate markups to Todo?

    Posted 12-23-2019 00:33

    Actually you need to clean the markups you made in your global view:

    But the views or the todo created with the markup will still be representing them.