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BCF not converting to ToDo

  • 1.  BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 11-13-2019 08:20



    When I import BCF file to Trimble Connect (web), it imports just as a regular file (it's not converting to a "ToDo" list). I have tried uploading both - .bcf and .zip files (containing .bcf in it), to the project folder. These files upload to Trimble Connect and no further processing happens. 


    I'm using BimCollab to create .bcf file.


    Thank you!

  • 2.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 11-14-2019 02:20



    I uploaded BCF file (v 1.0) to the project folder and then clicked on "add to ToDo" (picture attached).

  • 3.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 03-18-2020 14:42

    If you add the *.bcfzip and open from trimble connect after a while you wil get them.

  • 4.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 04-20-2020 09:48


    What do You mean after a while? For one small issue I am waiting couple of hours and nothing is happening. There is description that file is "in queue". Do You know where there can be a problem? I am using solibri to export bcfzip file. 

  • 5.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 04-20-2020 10:20

    I think depending of the size and number of bcf's. In my case I just have issues when exporting from Trimble task to bcf.

  • 6.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 04-20-2020 10:27

    I have made only one small issue for test purposes. It weights 57kB. And I am waiting for couple of hours now while in old tekla bim sight everything is working fine. 

  • 7.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 04-22-2020 01:14

    It is only one issue for test - 57kB. It is now 3 days and nothing is happening. In Tekla Bim SIght the same bcfzip file is visible. 

  • 8.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-15-2020 08:44

    Hi community, I am facing the same issue than @Sergejs Saplavskis . How did you solve it?

  • 9.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-16-2020 00:47

    Hi">CCI Rennes! Unfortunately, I didn't find a way to solve this when exporting from BimCollab. I've spoken with BimCollab and Trimble support and they couldn't help with this. This was a while ago, maybe both software had some updates, and I didn't check this recently.

  • 10.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-16-2020 00:58

    @Sergejs Saplavskis, Please send an email with the BCFZIP file as an attachment to If this issue is already reported, including the case number. This will help us to understand the issue and provide the status of the case that is already reported.

  • 11.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-16-2020 02:52

    Same issue too @Raghavendra Jayamangal

  • 12.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-17-2020 00:01

    A couple of months ago I also had this bcf issue, and also there was a problem if I wanted to export issues directly from Solibri to Trimble. ToDo was created, but the view in ToDo was missing. I asked about this problem to local dealers, they said, that they know about this problem, but they don't know when a solution will be made. Now I use a different approach to this problem ( not sophisticated, but it works fine) - I am asking designers to use *.smc file and majority of them have no problem. Rest of the issues ( about 10% of total) I remake in Trimble using GUID number and searching.

  • 13.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-17-2020 03:38

    Following thread as I also have this issue

  • 14.  Re: BCF not converting to ToDo

    Posted 07-29-2020 09:13

    Hi everyone, 

    Do you have any idea why the markup.bcf is not well structured with Trimble Connect whereas it was rightly written with Tekla Bimsight? 

    No lines...

    Tekla : 

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Markup xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <File IfcProject="0k0$M7MhnCLga2iJufz1oq">
    <Filename>D:\Users\anne-solene.dris\Ingénierie Numérique Dropbox\INN OUEST\CCA\CB-CCA-FME.ifc</Filename>
    <Topic Guid="30122d97-a3f3-4f74-a03a-deabb41545ab">
    <Comment Guid="30122d97-a3f3-4f74-a03a-deabb41545ab">
    <Author>INN OUEST</Author>
    <Comment>pour voir</Comment>
    <Topic Guid="30122d97-a3f3-4f74-a03a-deabb41545ab" />


    Trimble C :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Markup xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""><Header><File IfcProject="0C9K48qqX4YR52oTYpwmtS"><Filename>CP_CCI_CEA.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-15T14:51:17.214Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="0M4rwds3rDDBNcD4HL_bkk"><Filename>CP_CCI_CVC_002.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-14T18:56:58.211Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="2kPXo3GknDSA8UJK07jVrN"><Filename>CP_CCI_CVC_001.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-14T18:54:58.261Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="2Lax0iQYv3E9wnpkws$$Tq"><Filename>CP_CCI_ELE.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-15T15:35:56.387Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="0LiQKY1qP4uxhMpmCRR7iP"><Filename>CP_CCI_FLM.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-14T18:56:40.945Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="0B9i9GvzvB$QJxEIZzPJa5"><Filename>CP_CCI_PLB_001.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-14T18:58:15.543Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="3P69CqA6bCbwML$VzZ3KTB"><Filename>CP_CCI_PLB_002.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-07-14T18:57:09.025Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="0_dKbUp9T9F9ZhqS5YIdIn"><Filename>CP_CCI_TAP.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-06-30T13:17:28.301Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="0GDGdOVRn6GAbLJhlWY4u7"><Filename>CP_CCI_STR.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-06-30T13:17:39.789Z</Date></File><File IfcProject="2URNrHcZP2uwDdD_EDJBmZ"><Filename>CP_CCI_REF00.ifc</Filename><Date>2020-06-30T13:17:51.481Z</Date></File></Header><Topic Guid="60dad4c6-81d0-4ff1-82b2-f939565c302f" TopicStatus="Open" TopicType="Request"><Title>COO_N2_CEA</Title><Description>Reprendre positionnement du SAS car le poteau reprend une file toute hauteur</Description><Priority>NORMAL</Priority><Labels/><CreationDate>2020-07-16T11:11:33.082Z</CreationDate><CreationAuthor>CCI Rennes</CreationAuthor><ModifiedDate>2020-07-29T09:07:54.476Z</ModifiedDate><ModifiedAuthor>CCI Rennes</ModifiedAuthor><AssignedTo>null null</AssignedTo></Topic><Comment Guid="1db1135f-db4d-447f-99ef-d8fe7e88cacb"><VerbalStatus/><Status>Unknown</Status><Date>2020-07-20T15:02:46.000Z</Date><Author>Dominique JILCOT</Author><Comment>Poteau sur la trame de l'escalier à garder et sas à décaler</Comment><Topic Guid="60dad4c6-81d0-4ff1-82b2-f939565c302f"/></Comment><Viewpoints Guid="3d630885-7291-4d3d-92e0-9ef16bc90906"><Viewpoint>viewpoint.bcfv</Viewpoint><Snapshot>snapshot.png</Snapshot></Viewpoints></Markup>