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Trimble Connect Project Allow Sync

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    Posted 11-11-2020 10:23

    I am utilizing the Trimble Connect API for project creation and from the documentation it states that projects must be created using Trimble Sync Manager in order for Trimble Access job files to be able to sync. We are already creating the project with the API, so we would like to be able to allow the survey crews to synchronize the job files that they create manually on their data collector within Trimble Access.


    After the project is created via the API and the job file is created manually from Trimble Access on the data collector, it will not let me synchronize the job file as it states the project must be created using Trimble Sync Manager. If I open up Trimble Sync Manager and simply navigate into the project folder, it will then let the job files sync within Trimble Access without ever changing a setting.


    Since I'm not performing any changes on my end within Trimble Sync Manager, is there a way to allow job files created within the project folder on the data collector without having to open Trimble Sync Manager at all? If I'm not changing any settings, then I'm assuming there is something being modified behind the scenes that then allows the project to sync in Trimble Access. If there isn't a way, maybe you can allow this functionality as we would like to bypass this manual step.