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New TC web interface and other drawbacks

  • 1.  New TC web interface and other drawbacks

    Posted 11-29-2020 13:21


    Thank you for the new Trimble Connect web interface, a lot of improvements but it has some silly drawbacks:

    1. In ToDo's section, it is not possible to sort issues by ToDo number or date of creation (ToDo-1, ToDo-2, ToDo-3, etc), see picture below. It is important to have this sorting option, because in projects, with 500+ ToDo's it is important to have many sorting and filtering options to quickly and precisely find the information you are looking for. 
    2. Todo logo is not the best choice, because checked/ unchecked state is practically identical. Today I received an angry letter from Architect, he wrote that he opened ToDo section and all ToDo's were selected, and he couldn't unselect them.

    3. Please add these critically needed features, I have asked you before:

    • add some extra filtering options in ToDo section ( by tag, by creator, by type, by last commented). As I wrote before, for 500+ ToDos without these filters it is impossible to work efficiently 
    • make it possible to add custom todo types, or at least add an option to filter by tag and we will use a tag for custom types
    • add notification option to have an instant message when somebody has commented ToDo where I am author or assignee. Right now I can not know, that somebody has commented urgent ToDo 5 min ago

    Regarding all these small issues, I every week need to hear from project participants, that Trimble is bad and we need to change CDE from Trimble to Bimsync. But I like Trimble, I think it has great potential, please fix these minor things, because they have a major influence on daily works!

  • 2.  Re: New TC web interface and other drawbacks

    Posted 11-30-2020 08:48

    There is a bug with the folders navigation part. Whenever i click on a folder to go inside it, Trimble automatically selects another sub-folder within the folder. The folder selected is the one which is located at the same place under my mouse...very strange. Can you fix this thing quickly please? It is a disturbance to our users...