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DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

  • 1.  DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 10-11-2018 15:08

    Hi, I'm having some issues with the DA1 and Penmap. When I connect the battery to the system (as per the recommended steps) it charges the tablet and works for a few minutes, then Penmap stops working and an error stating the connection to the antenna has been lost. If I then shut down penmap and try and reconnect, I will work, but no power draw will be made from the battery. This is a little frustrating as the end result is a short usage window as the battery isn't being utilised.


    I don't know if this is a hardware issue or a software issue, so any help would be appreciated.



  • 2.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 10-12-2018 04:35

    HI James


    I'd recommend you contact the Catalyst support team directly with this one as it will require some investigation on our side.

    You can start by following the instructions In Sending Logs files with Trimble Mobile Manager and submitting the logs (with a description of the problem).

    One of the support team (probably me) will take a look at the Catalyst logs to troubleshoot. They'll likely request further information relating to Penmap (and the log files from this application) but we'll focus on Catalyst to begin with.


    You've not mentioned what handheld Android device you are using, we can get this from the logs,but  what will be useful is If you are using a Type-C adaptor add in the brand. It's important you use the recommended  Huawei AP52 Micro USB to USB Type-C Adaptorto ensure performance and compatibility.


    FYI - we have introduced a new customised adaptor cable (PN: 114199) for the Trimble Catalyst DA1 antenna which you can read about here

  • 3.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 02-12-2019 22:07

    I had something similar. The micro usb connection into the antenna was the issue. I ended up putting silicon sealant to stop the connector moving and it now works fine.

  • 4.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 02-14-2019 13:26

    What phone model / OS are you using?

  • 5.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 02-14-2019 14:38

    A Samsung galaxy a5 , but my issue was the cable connection where it joins the da1. It moved around. But whenever I connected the battery it started to work but only intermittently. It also charged the phone . But when the battery was disconnected nothing worked. There was a few millimeters of play and took me a while to figure it out. Like half a day




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  • 6.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue

    Posted 02-14-2019 14:50

    2016 or 2017 model? The 2016 model does have some know issues. It is listed as an unsupported device. See Trimble Catalyst | Compatible Devices


    As you may know, there ware two different modes in which you can operate the DA1. DA1 as the Host or the Phone as the Host. To operate DA1 as the Host, power up the DA1 using an external battery before connecting the DA1 to your phone. To operate DA1 with the phone being the Host, connect the DA1 to the phone first before connecting the battery (optional).


    Some phones work better in one mode. It can be worth trying both modes to see which works best for your phone.


    If the issue persist in both modes, it can likely be due to 1) faulty USB connector, 2) damaged phone USB port, 3) phone compatibility issue

  • 7.  Re: DA1 and Catalyst battery issue
    Best Answer

    Posted 02-14-2019 15:54

    2017 model.


    I ended up taking the rubber mount off the bottom, replacing the cable and adding silcon glue to remove slack so the micro USB couldn’t move


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