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Can you stake to a point using the Catalyst?

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  • 1.  Can you stake to a point using the Catalyst?

    Posted 05-30-2018 05:28
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    My Company uses the Catalyst with Trimble InSphere and Trimble TerraFlex Mobile. I know it can collect data obviously but is there a way to import existing data from a .CSV file or something similar? Ideally I would like to import or even input data and then stake to that point. Is this possible? Our distributor could not answer this question. I know you can upload data using InSphere but how do I associate it to a job/template/forum and then use that data to stake points?

  • 2.  Re: Can you stake to a point using the Catalyst?

    Posted 06-04-2018 05:07
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    Hi Julian, 

    You can use Trimble Penmap for Android to perform a stakeout. Penmap for Android is supporting Trimble Catalyst.

    With the Trimble Penmap Project Manager you can create Penmap for Android projects and import data via csv file. The project will be synced to the Android device via Trimble Connect. After you have performed a stakeout survey you can create a stakeout report in Penmap for Android. 

    For more information please checkout our Penmap for Android website.  

    Best regards, Martin

  • 3.  Re: Can you stake to a point using the Catalyst?

    Posted 06-05-2018 06:39
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    Following on from Martin - although there is no explicit stakeout functionality or support for csv, we do have the ability with a Terraflex Advance subscription, to import shapefile data using the Data Uploader Utility or If you are an ESRI user, you can utilise the free Terraflex Add-inn to work directly within your ESRI geodatabase.


    In Terraflex Advanced, these TASK based workflows, support typical GIS update/ maintenance GIS routines that you could apply in this scenario with your existing software setup.

    For example navigating to the asset,editing the attributes of the asset and updating the GNSS position of the asset


    Take a look at the youtube video here for an idea how the Terraflex Advanced Task workflow is executed with the Data Uploader Utility for the existing Insphere platform.

    NB - we are now beginning the migration process to the Trimble Connect platform which will see this work flow greatly simplified. For more information on this please monitor the Trimble TerraFlex community page and Terraflex and Connect web page


    You can also take a look at the Terraflex Add-In documentation via the web page to see how this is achieved for ESRI Users with the Add-in.



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