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90-day auto-activation on subscriptions

  • 1.  90-day auto-activation on subscriptions

    Posted 02-14-2020 10:20

    Regarding the 90-day automatic activation event for Monthly subscriptions (TerraFlex, SiteVision, and Catalyst).

    What happens in the case where several month blocks are purchased (say 5 months-worth for a field season project).

    Project work begins and runs into the 3rd month (more than 60-days but less than 90), and the 4th  and 5th month blocks were not yet touched.  When day 90 comes and they finish the 3rd month block will the 4th and 5th month be set to auto-activate (or will they still have 90-days because the account was "active").

  • 2.  Re: 90-day auto-activation on subscriptions
    Best Answer

    Posted 02-14-2020 10:27

    I'm pretty sure that if you buy a block of 3 or 5 months the 90days of

    activation is for the whole block. I.e. If you start and activate the day

    you get it then 3 month will activate or turn over at the start of the 61st

    day from when you activate it, and so on for consecutive months. If you

    wait til 90days then the clock starts on 91 days for your first month and

    it will then consecutively burn through months 3, 4, 5 as it reaches that

    timeframe from the 90 day mark when it auto-activated. Does that make

    sense. When you sell as block that is how it would work. If you should them

    5 months to be applied to 5 separate users versus a block they all activate

    at the 90 day mark and you would burn through all 5 months in the 30 days

    following the 90 day period.

    Hope that makes sense.




    Christine Iksic

    Mapping, GIS Sales & Support

    Precision Laser & Instrument Inc.


  • 3.  RE: Re: 90-day auto-activation on subscriptions

    Posted 12-03-2021 11:36
    Edited by Gale Shea 12-03-2021 11:53
    With the DA2 interest now coming in - how services actually 'clock down' is becoming a common talking point.
    The flexibility of the service is a big draw (and being highly marketed) - but how it actually plays out is less clear - and buyers want to know before a purchase.

    example - I have an actual quote building now for a client expecting to have sporadic use (especially over the winter).
    He asked for a quote of 4-months of service (provisioned as (4) separate 1-month blocks). 
    [Assume a purchase and start of Dec 10.]
    He will activate one 30-day block right away on Dec 10.  Expects to not need the next one until say Feb.  -  that sporadic need.
    Specifically - what happens at the 90-day mark from his over-all purchase date.  
      He will have 'spent' a block from Dec 10-Jan 10.  Say he started block two Feb 1st.
      That will carry him to March 1st.   He then has two untouched blocks on March 2nd - but his day-90 from POS comes on March 10th.
      What specifically happens to block 3 and 4 on March 10th?

    Bottom line - how do folks best plan for sporadic use and service ? 

    I have let people know buying brand new service if needed in NOT an instant quick turnaround.
    Think: a Public Works use case with an urgent response need - like a water main break on a weekend late evening or holiday. This type of scenario has been posed to me by clients several times already...

    Helping these things be clear for the Sales cycle when answering client questions will help quite a bit.
    So far, in my experience, there are lots of questions and confusion here.   They don't want to spend unused service "just in case" it is needed.
        (Add in the wrinkle when thinking about 'recurring' online purchases vs. quoted fixed blocks from a Rep, too). 

    Gale Shea, GISP
    MGIS Rep, WI

  • 4.  RE: Re: 90-day auto-activation on subscriptions

    Posted 12-03-2021 14:36
    Edited by Lane Carter 12-08-2021 09:34
    Hi Gale,

    Thank you for posing this question and stating that there is still confusion on this topic. We are actively working to improve help content to better serve both the customers and distributors. For now, the most comprehensive documentation on subscriptions and how they function within VW and TLM can be found at the community post here, which you may have already seen.

    To answer your follow-up question regarding the customer's subscription blocks and what happens to them on March 10th - if the subscription blocks were assigned to the customer from Virtual Warehouse on December 10th like the others, on March 10th both remaining blocks will automatically activate. The 90-day clock before auto-activation is tied to when it was assigned from VW. 

    For planning purposes, ad-hoc use can be managed in a couple of ways:
    • If a monthly customer does not expect to start their subscription blocks beyond 3-months into the future (and wants to avoid the auto-activation), it's best to assign only the number of months that they plan to be activate within 3-months. Assign additional months intended for beyond 4 months at a later date.
    • As a Catalyst On Demand customer- one advantage is more flexibility when it comes to ad-hoc use. Once the terms are accepted inside TLM, the customer has up to 12-months to use the Catalyst on Demand hours

    Lane Carter