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DA1: 5Hz update with SV-based RTX

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  • 1.  DA1: 5Hz update with SV-based RTX

    Posted 02-18-2020 14:18

    With a DA1 antenna, I can request a 5Hz update rate when using an autonomous or SBAS solution using the following code:


    Once I've started a survey using RTX, 5Hz solutions seem to be available unless the app has to fallback to SV-based delivery of these corrections.  In that case, the solution rate is reduced to 1Hz.  Is there any work around for this?

  • 2.  Re: DA1: 5Hz update with SV-based RTX
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    Posted 02-19-2020 02:22



    I did some brief testing and can confirm the reported behavior.

    So turning on 5Hz via the Positioning interface (via something like this in java)

    ISsiPositioning ssiPositioning = (ISsiPositioning) sensor.getInterface(SsiInterfaceType.SsiPositioning);
    if (ssiPositioning != null) {

        PositioningSettings posSettings = new PositioningSettings();

        if (ssiPositioning.isSupported(PositioningParameterType.PositionRate)) {
            IPositioningParameterRate posRate = (IPositioningParameterRate) ssiPositioning.createPositioningParameter(PositioningParameterType.PositionRate);


    Results in a 5Hz output UNTIL you fall back from RTK to RTX SV.

    Both RTX streams provide 1Hz only (IP and SV).


    I can't say at the moment if this is an issue in the SDK layer or the engine layer. So we'll do a bit of digging.


    Doing the same with a traditional receiver works by the way. So an R10 provides an 5Hz RTX stream.