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ESRI Collector vs. Trimble Terraflex

  • 1.  ESRI Collector vs. Trimble Terraflex

    Posted 02-05-2020 18:12

    My company recently bought the TDC600 Mobile device with DA1 Catalyst antenna (capable of decimeter resolution in the vertical datum).  We have tried to use ESRI Collector (beta) to store 3-D data, but that has proved unsuccessful on many occasions (Optimal vertical accuracy at best, 10 inches).


    What program do you use to store multiple 3-D data points collected with your DA1 catalyst antenna?



  • 2.  Re: ESRI Collector vs. Trimble Terraflex
    Best Answer

    Posted 02-06-2020 00:16



    reading this - have you been able to get good positions from time to time - or have you never seen anything below 10 inches.

    A decimeter subscription gives you 10cm in good conditions - so roughly 4 inches. 


    If you don't get down to this I've a flood of questions:

    1. Are you using Trimble Correction Hub as source or a custom NTRIP stream

    2. If you connect in TMM and wait say a minute - what type of correction source to you see?

    3. Where are you located/ doing the job (you can also send this info via mail).


    So with a decimeter subscription you would typically receive NTRIP RTK corrections - assuming you are in a region with VRSNow coverage (or any of our partners). Otherwise RTX IP would kick in - here it needs some minutes to converge down to 4 inches - but it should reach that state after some time. If you have no internet either it falls back to RTX SV - which takes a bit longer then RTX IP (because of less data via the satellite beam). 

    A good overview on both RTK and RTX availability can be found here: 

    It would also be good if you can send us a log via TMM. So if you connect in TMM to Catalyst, collect data for say 2 minutes, disconnect etc you can click on 'Information' and 'send email' and the email will contain a zip attachment with some details on your position/ received connections/ problems etc.



  • 3.  Re: ESRI Collector vs. Trimble Terraflex

    Posted 02-07-2020 11:52


    Collector is compatible with the Catalyst solution (down to 10cm over RTX Satellite, and 1-3cm if you are also utilizing an over IP RTN). I believe your disconnect is on the ESRI side of the house. It is my understanding that Trimble has gotten involved directly involved with Matt Skakun of your group. I have been down this road before and it is my inclination that it will likely be determined that the Catalyst service does in fact hit the specifications the manufacturer advertises. Your schema in ArcGIS Online must be set for 3D. Your group that is working in the Coyote Hills has this set up (through your Bay Area office and Otto) and I would bet that if you utilized that schema your would be getting similar results to what they are achieving with the R2.