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Terrasync Positions Toolbar enhancement

  • 1.  Terrasync Positions Toolbar enhancement

    Posted 06-08-2020 15:14

    I would like to see the following utilities from PFO be incorporated into the TerraSync Positions.

    SSF Record Editor.  The interogation of the SSF file and editing of the SSF can correct for egregious errors that cannot be conducted in Positions (antenna height etc).

    Combine Utility: Since only one SSF file can be imported using teh TerraSync (DDF/SSF) project, why not include the combine utility.  On a large mapping project where multiple personnel are using the same DDF, then combining them into one "projectcombined.ssf" allows for centralization of features under one file (better file management), and even if the individual files are geographically seperated, the Processing Profile, when built properly can pick and choose which device gets what PP solution.  There isn't anything lost after a combine functionality, but the power of grouping is now available to the project manager with multiple users.



  • 2.  Re: Terrasync Positions Toolbar enhancement

    Posted 06-14-2020 00:11

    Hi Joel...


    The SSF Record Editor is certainly something we will consider adding. With regards to the Combine Utility, I'm having a hard time seeing why that would be useful. It has always been possible to check-in as many SSFs as you want in the Trimble Positions workflows. Yes, you can only check-in one at a time, but you can repeat that as often as necessary. We envision a typical project workflow that involves many more check-ins than check-outs. If a project only involves the collection of new features, then maybe the users will start with a DDF and no true check-out at all. You'd then only be managing check-ins as the data comes back from the field.