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Enhancement Request for Positions - Vertical Profile for Lines

  • 1.  Enhancement Request for Positions - Vertical Profile for Lines

    Posted 05-08-2020 10:43
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    This would be an awesome enhancement, one that is done in Garmin workflows, any decent exercise app and the famous CALTOPO tool,-98.39355&z=5&b=mbt


    This was never integrated into PFO, and now is your chance to make Positions a Profiler tool that allows creation of a profile for a Line (say a trail).  You shouldn't be afraid to expose Vertical across distance - vertical is very good (not what the internet says using decent GPS and best practices) - we use a method in PFO to export ASCII OUT, and run it through my cousins Excel Macro to generate a Profile (my cousin is an engineer and he used simple math for each position making up the line to string a profile).  Again, Garmin for free does this, and does any online, free exercise map mapping engine on the web.  You could too.


    I envision this as a Dockable window when you select a Line (or segments along a line). "Create Profile". the landscape Profile viewer pops up, and you see the current vertex highlighted


    This example (took One click in CalTopo) creates a profile. In this case, the tool "sensed" the elevational data in the loaded background map, but it is designed to sense the vertical component in any GPX file you load from any recreational device.


    How frigging cool is this.  


    Again, Don't be afraid of the vertical component in any of the Trimble handhelds, R1, and today, R2 or any other receive.  Make positions something folks use for Quick Analysis - something that ESRI never got, unless you load data into ArcScene  - a pain in the butt. There is a reason Garmin is king on exercising technology.  You want to see how far a line is, and elevational gain, loss.  This should be simple to do.  Saving that Profile 


  • 2.  Re: Enhancement Request for Positions - Vertical Profile for Lines

    Posted 05-14-2020 18:54

    Thanks as usual, Joel. I'll follow-up with you on this to make sure I understand the use-case for getting the profile of an arbitrary line or polygon feature.