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Catalyst Accuracy in Peru

  • 1.  Catalyst Accuracy in Peru

    Posted 05-04-2022 10:46
    Does anyone have any insights as to how accurate Catalyst can be in Peru?  RTXAL (Latin America) is available in Peru. I have a Catalyst kit (DA2 antenna and a TDC600) and will be mapping in a remote area in highland Peru that does not have internet service. Internet is available in the nearby town.  

     I would like to use the highest accuracy subscription possible (Catalyst 1cm) for mapping in Peru, but I realize this may not be possible, since Peru is neither in a VRS now region nor is it in an RTX fast region. Is it fair to assume that 1cm accuracy is not possible? With Trimble Corrections Hub in a remote area with no internet service, what accuracy can I reasonably assume I can get? 

    In 2016, I used an R2 and Centerpoint RTX to take points at 4cm accuracy. Is this not possible with Catalyst?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    Jacob Bongers

  • 2.  RE: Catalyst Accuracy in Peru

    Posted 05-04-2022 21:54
    Hi Jacob,

    You should get accuracy at least as good as your previous experience with the R2 using RTX. As long as you are able to download sign-in and your Catalyst license while online you are then able to use Trimble Catalyst offline for up to 30 days at a time. You can see the Catalyst DA2 Web page on here, I would especially recommend you look at the FAQ.

    Best regards,

    Mark Kellaway