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Project not found in TerraFlex

  • 1.  Project not found in TerraFlex

    Posted 10-17-2021 21:03
    Hi there,

    I have an issue with TerraFlex.
    Although my supervisor has added me to the project and I see it on my account through the web (Trimble connect), when I log into my account on my cellphone (Terraflex app), I see no project there, and it doesn't let me collect anything
    Could you please assist me with it? It's kind of urgent.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you guys.


    Sohrab Sharifi

  • 2.  RE: Project not found in TerraFlex

    Posted 10-19-2021 04:19
    Hi Sohrab

    For urgent issues your best line of communication is your local Trimble reseller. All our resellers have dedicated support teams to help their customers
    This general description makes it difficult provide specific advice but I'll give you a check list below

    Things to check
    1. Have your supervisor check they have correctly assigned you to the project containing the Map Workspace you need access to and check this has form  templates in a published state
      1. Inviting a user to a project
      2. Creating a Map Workspace
      3. Adding Form Templates
    2. Do you have a valid subscription assigned? Your supervisor can check this via the Licence Manager - If you don't have a valid subscription then you will be restricted with project access and use
    3. Check you're on the latest Terraflex SW versions
    4. Using a WEHH device...? Map sure your Map Workspace created in #1 is NOT using a local or UTM CS. This is not supported by this OS and needs to be set to WGS84

    This covers most issues, please contact your supervisor to check through then contact your local Trimble reseller who can help (or escalate on to Trimble support If required)


    Tom Harrison