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Coordinates and Recording Track Intervals

  • 1.  Coordinates and Recording Track Intervals

    Posted 01-04-2022 06:53
    I have a couple questions, 

    1- When we purchased our TDC600 in late Summer 2020, we were told that more coordinate systems were coming. Is there any update on this? We use a county coordinate system with all other equipment, and it would be nice to have everything on one system. 

    2- Is there any way to change the timing of the recording intervals for a line? For example, changing it to one point every 30 seconds, or one point to every 10 seconds?

    3- If there is no way to change the timing of intervals, has anyone used the TDC to map roads? We have a new highway interchange that needs to be mapped out, and were hoping to use our TDC instead of our Carlsons. 


    Ashley Roscoe

  • 2.  RE: Coordinates and Recording Track Intervals
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-05-2022 08:26
    Hi Ashley 

    You've not mentioned what software and GNSS equipment you have or your location so I can only respond in general terms

    • For Trimble Terraflex we already support local Coordinate systems for a number countries across the globe and we will continue to expand this and support more countries/systems this year.
      • Your local Trimble reseller will be able to tell you if the system you require is supported If you get in touch with them.
    • For Trimble Penmap all coordinate systems in the current Trimble Geodetic library are supported
    With regards to line intervals
    • Trimble Terraflex - this is not configurable currently and is fixed to 1 position every second for line features If you are operating in dynamic mode (i.e. start a line feature > walk the line feature > finish the line feature)
    • Trimble Penmap - this is configurable via time interval or distance

    For full details on the field applications above take a look at the respective sections of the Trimble Geospatial online help portal

    Tom Harrison

  • 3.  RE: Coordinates and Recording Track Intervals

    Posted 01-10-2022 15:04
    I couldn't agree more Ashely with the 1second logging interval for line features.   Heck, even the entire Garmin handheld line can alter logging interval for tracks!  This has to be top of the list for TerraFlex, and why I continue to use TerraSync.   Altering a line and poly collection interval is key for GIS, and while were at it, a PAUSE/ Averaged vertex for places along a line that require smoother collection.  Put Terrasync up against TerraFlex for what GIS folks collect and there is no comparison.

    Joel Cusick

  • 4.  RE: Coordinates and Recording Track Intervals

    Posted 05-06-2022 11:46
    I would just like to also emphasize how helpful it would be to be able to change logging intervals for line features. As a recent convert to TerraFlex from Sync, I am puzzled as to why this feature is not customizable in Flex (as well as distance logging). A vast majority of my data collection is conducted in the woods where I am on foot and constantly negotiating obstacles, uneven terrain, and re-orienting my direction. Doing this at 1 second intervals creates an extraordinary number of excessive vertices that I have to edit out during post-processing. I was a huge proponent to have TerraFlex included in my organizations BPA with Trimble and move away from the sunsetting TerraSync, and now that I have it up and running, I am noticing simple features that were available in Sync but did not carry over to Flex (date/time and coordinate stamps on photos is another). I am no programmer, but these features seem like they would be simple inclusions which would make for a better end user experience.

    Please consider and thank you for your time.

    Matthew Stersic