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Compass Calibrtaion Android / Penmap Site calibration

  • 1.  Compass Calibrtaion Android / Penmap Site calibration

    Posted 05-03-2021 08:36

    I am posting these two issues together as perhaps they are related….


    I have Penmap Version TPSDK 2020.2.18.20718 installed on an Android Tablet.

    Galaxy Tab s5e SM- T720


    1. Almost every time I use the tablet with Penmap I have to recalibrate the internal compass, the internal compass works with Google Maps and Teraflex just not Penmap. When I say it does not work, I mean it does not know where I am when I start Penmap or even after I start the GNSS in Penmap, when I push the little compass icon in the upper left corner it does not center on the actual location, it could easily be 50 km away. (That is with or without Wifi.)


    I have tried moving my Android in a figure 8 but never have felt the vibration that one should feel when it is complete, perhaps that is because it is not uncalibrated. Although I get a message in Penmap saying something like for a better user experience I should calibrate.


    The bellow is what was recommended.


    You can calibrate the compass by mowing the phone like painting a imaginary 8. It should give a short vibration when finished.

    2. You can switch on/off  the compass by long press on  the compass symbol in the map.

    3. As long as GNSS has not been started in Penmap, there will be no position at all. You need to press the GNSS symbol at the bottom to start GNSS. You need to see the connecting message.
    The symbol with the number of SVs needs to switch from red to green:

    Question 2.

    My points read with a precession subscription are 1.6 meters away from confirmed site points. I am working in a local coordinate system and about 30 km away from the edge of the zone, it was suggested this could be the problem.


    Do I just add some points like .dxf in the Penmap Project manager when making the project and navigate to them using the site calibration option within the GNSS method area? I tried to do this using point I had collected, and it said they were the wrong kind of "Nodes" I have a PDF from Trimble with great information, it is just not so specific as to what I need as a Node to navigate to. I have about a 2 cm accuracy and have used a tripod to take the points.


    Thanks in advance for any feedback.



    Patrick de Jourdan

  • 2.  RE: Compass Calibrtaion Android / Penmap Site calibration
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-10-2021 05:07
    Hi Patrik

    We have a Trimble Penmap Community where you this post would be better redirected to. The Trimble Penmap Community is monitored by the Penmap team, If you have not already I would also advise contacting your local Trimble reseller who you purchased Penmap from who are able to provide first level support.

    Of course If there are any Catalyst specific questions we can cover them in this community

    Tom Harrison